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Funeral services

Handling practices

We wish to take care of all the tasks required for the organization of the last ritual farewell.

Corpse dressing

The funeral services in Grosseto offered by our company also include dressing and preparing the body.


The cremation of the deceased's mortal remains is an increasingly widespread and requested practice in Italy.


It is the most practiced burial method. Our staff performs this operation with care and discretion.

Transport of corpses

We have an efficient, modern and functional car park, essential for carrying the body.


Through obituaries, family members can communicate the disappearance of the missing person to the community.


For a worthy greeting

Our funeral agency personally takes care of the printing of obituaries and mourning notices, subsequently posted on special notice boards in the municipality of residence and in the neighboring countries. This procedure allows you to communicate the time and place where the funeral ceremony will take place. Obituaries can be published and drawn up both by relatives of the deceased and by friends and acquaintances of the dearly departed, who with this gesture can participate in the pain of the family and express their condolences. This form of communication therefore represents a fundamental tool, which finds its main role and meaning in the commemoration of the missing person.

Burial practices

At the end of the funeral ceremony, our staff will take care of the entire process relating to the cemetery works, both as regards the burial and as regards the burial of the body. If you have a family tomb or a niche of property, we will carry out the burial without particular masonry work. If, on the other hand, you opt for the dead man's ground adjustment, we will take care of adequately preparing the area in the hours immediately preceding the funeral rite. Burial requires different paperwork and a specific set of documentation. In order to relieve the deceased's family members from any task, the staff will take charge of the entire procedure.


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